Several offshore jurisdictions are, as a matter of law, "overseas territories" of the UK, having chosen not to become independent of the UK.   The Cayman Islands is one of fourteen such "overseas territories" and, as such, the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented in the Islands by the Governor.  In line with many other overseas territories, the Cayman Islands has its own Premier, legislature and constitution, with certain matters reserved to the Governor in his capacity as the Queen's representative. These areas are defence, external affairs, internal security (including the Police and Regiment) and good governance.  The Governor also appoints the head of government and other senior officials to public office. The Constitution is not set in stone, and has been the subject of negotiations between the Islands and the UK going back more than 18 months. In an announcement made on Friday, the Islands' Premier, the Hon. Alden McLaughlin, was able to announce changes to the Islands' constitution, following the conclusion of negotiations with the UK Government. In his press announcement, the Premier notes that not all the Islands' required changes were accepted but highlights a "very important and useful set of reforms that will not only advance our Islands and Constitution but will provide our Islands with several protections...".  The UK will  now take forward the next steps so that the agreed upon changes will be made.