The quote below is from an article in Asian Investor.  The article also refers to Coller Capital's Global Private Equity Barometer. Whilst that report points to a divergence of views around a number of issues affecting the PE space, together with many other publications going to print recently, the Coller Capital paper hints to a pervasive theme: PE in Asia-Pacific is going to continue its current positive trajectory.

Among other data points, the Coller Capital report states that nearly 3 times as many LPs in Asia Pacific think it's a good time to be making new PE commitments as compared with those who consider that the timing isn't great.

What does that mean in raw numbers?  According to Private Equity International which just released its June 2021 "PEI 300", 43 of 300 largest managers are now Asia based, raising a total of US$196.6 billion last year.  It's a long way to go to match New York levels.  But it seems like that gap is closing.